• Actors, Small roles, Children, Extras
  • We organize casting call with specific needs
  • We have a large photographic data base, which we constantly expand
  • We organize street casting
  • We manage extras’ contracts
  • We take care of all the formalities to obtain minor's work permits
  • We coordinate extras in the various shooting phases (make-up, costumes, lunch break and end of work)
  • We organize crowd scenes
  • We assist minors on set

Executive Production Services

We provide logistical support for short and feature film, videoclips, commercials, and photo shootings

  • Filming permit
  • Location scouting private and public
  • Actors and extras casting
  • Equipment rental
  • Crewing
  • Travels and transportations arrangement
  • Accommodations
  • Production Office Rental
  • Catering And Craft Service
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Post Production